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Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction


“I contacted Milescraft. They quickly (I mean next day!) contacted me and rectified the issue. I am satisfied that Milescraft stands by their products, ensures quality and provides outstanding customer service. Inadvertent errors can happen and as long as they can be fixed, I’m a happy customer. Thus I will not hesitate to purchase Milescraft products in the future.”

Gary Teti


“I deal with a wide variety of companies and you guys are by far in the top 2 or 3 as far as customer service goes.  Your response rate is incredible; like off the charts fast.  On top of that, you’re personable and it’s exactly what the woodworking community talks about.  People would much rather give their money to companies who pay attention and engage.  So keep it up please.”

Pete Dettorre
Dettorre Furniture


“Thanks greatly for the callback. That has to be the customer service of ALL customer service! Congratulations and thank you!”

Jake Leonard