Frequently Asked Questions


Need to purchase replacement parts for your Milescraft products?

Replacement or additional parts are now available on our website. Simply locate the product you are in need of replacement parts for and then click on the drop down box that is named "replacement parts" and add the items to your cart. If you are still in need of assistance with replacement parts please contact Customer Service department.

**Please obtain part number from your owner's manual to ensure correct part replacement.


Experiencing alignment issues with your 4700 TurnersPress™?

In the interest of getting you back to assembling your pens almost immediately, aligning the press is very simple and you can do it with a screw driver and small wrench. All you need to do it loosen the 4 little bolts that fasten the press base to the press bed. There's enough room around the bolts to allow you to adjust its position until it's aligned to your satisfaction with the support end. Then re-tighten the bolts. After doing this yours will be one of the most accurately adjusted presses because you will be extra careful when adjusting your own press.


  • Keep the press arbor lightly greased or oiled where it slides in the press tube. The long handle on your press gives you total control and a delicate feel when assembling your pens but if your press isn't lubricated, it can let you damage not only a pen but even your press!
  • Never lean on it. If the pen isn't going together with reasonable pressure on the handle, something's wrong. Remember, the long handle is for control. It's not for over forcing. Over forcing is a recipe for disaster. The press is rated at 300 pounds but by giving you a nice long handle so you can "feel" the pen, we've given you the ability to overload the press. So, don't overload it. Use good judgment when pushing the handle and your press could last you a lifetime.



TurnLock™ Base Plate and Bushing Sets

Having trouble installing the TurnLock™ Base Plate?

  • View the latest Router Mounting Key, or the latest European Router Mounting Key to see if the Base Plate lines up with the holes in your router.
  • CLICK HERE to watch the installation of a TurnLock™ Base Plate
  • It is only necessary to have 2 holes in the Base Plate align with the holes in the router sub base for a secure installation
  • The Base Plate is constructed of a durable poly carbonate material that can be modified with a drill, file, or rotary tool to provide a proper fit with your router
  • If our mounting screws do not fit your router, check your local hardware store for pan-head screws (IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE COUNTER SINK HEAD STYLE)

There is a known issue with finding the correct screws for installation on most Ryobi routers. The screws that come with these routers appear to have been designed for use when attaching the router to a router table and have large rounded heads which will not install flush with the bottom of the Base Plate. In our research, we were unable to find any screws commercially available that will work in this application, so we developed a special set of screws. They are available through Customer Service and will be sent to you at no additional charge.

Prefer to use your other metal bushings with your TurnLock™ Base Plate? Not a problem!

Milescraft® offers a 'Top Hat' bushing adapter which allows you to convert 1 3/16" metal bushings into TurnLock™ quick change bushings. It is available in our Base Plate and Bushing Sets. But, if you would prefer to order just the 'Top Hat' adapters, please contact Customer Service to order item number 30050.



Signs and Templates

What kind of router is recommended for signs & designs template routing?

The optimal router for our sign making, design, and inlay templates is a plunge router with a 1 1/4 to 2 1/4 HP rating, with a 1 1/2 inch minimum plunge distance.

Do you offer any other sizes or fonts for the sign making templates?

We do not offer any other style or sizes of letter templates at this time.

How do I get additional character templates for the Milescraft sign making series?

Replacement letter and number sets are available from a variety of websites and retail stores. Be sure to phone ahead to ensure your local retailer carries this product in stock, or order from one of our online vendors listed on the Where To Purchase page. *Note: No other sizes, fonts or character templates other than the standards sets are available at this time.

Interested in increasing your sign making capabilities?

Consider our Pantograph, which can rout nearly any font or line drawing printable on 8.5" x 11" paper. The Pantograph includes 5 different fonts and several line drawings.

Want to make a sign smaller than 18"?

We recommend routing your letters onto an unfinished work piece and cutting it to size after all the letters have been routed. However, this can sometimes be impractical. In a situation where the board is already cut smaller than the 18" rails, we recommend the use of a 'block up' jig:

1. Gather extra pieces of wood the same thickness as your work piece.
2. Place your work piece on the work surface and 'block' it in with the extra pieces in a way that will prevent the work piece from moving while routing.
3. Fasten down the extra block-in pieces with clamps or fasteners.
4. Place the sign making jig over the top of the block in jig so the letters you want to carve are correctly positioned above the work piece.
5. Clamp or fasten the sign making jig in place and carve the letters.

A good example of a 'block up' jig in use is shown at WoosterWoodworker

Another option for making signs smaller than 18" is to cut the metal rails that came with the sign maker with a hacksaw.
Extra rails can be purchased here or you can contact Customer Service.

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