Innovative Solutions Made for Tool Users

Proudly engineered in the USA, every Milescraft tool is developed with the user in mind, whether that be power tool users, hobbyists, woodworkers, remodelers and contractors.

Milescraft SawGuide

Exceptional Flexibility And Precision When Cutting
With A Jig Saw Or Circular Saw

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1304 Drill90PLUS

Confined Space Drilling

The brand new Drill90PLUS is a heavy duty right angle drill attachment for the DIY-ers! A versatile tool and a must-have for your next remodeling or construction project.

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1319 JointMate

Drill perfectly positioned dowels!

With the DowelJigKit You Can Quickly And Accurately Create Corner, Edge And Surface Joints With Ease.

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Replace your doors using the HingeMate350

The Complete Drop-in Template System for Routing Hinge, Strike and Latch Plate Mortises. Includes CornerChisel, HingeBit and RouterBit.

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Find Your Replacement Part

To order replacement parts, please search on the desired part number. If you still can't find what you are looking for, please contact Milescraft Customer Service and we would be more than happy to assist you.

Replacement Parts

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