Be Innovative

Posted 03/01/17


Milescraft RotoFlex

"In January of this year, I was in the market for another variable speed rotary tool (Dremel) and I had such good luck with a Tool Sharp I had brought more than 10 years ago that came with a flex shaft. I use this tool weekly at my shop for 2 to 3 continuous hours at a time which is certainly a testimonial for how well it has held up. I wanted to get the same thing but Menards no longer offered the tool as a kit but you had to get the rotary tool and the flex shaft separately. Tool Sharp still made the variable speed rotary tool and Milescraft made the RotoFlex shaft. The pricing on the Milescraft Rotoflex is excellent and my track record with the first one I purchased made me want to get the same one again.

After putting the shaft on the new rotary tool it immediately became my favorite because the grip would rotate in your hand and it felt more comfortable than the old one that was fixed to the shaft. The tool bit I use is a carbide burr since I use it on steel to put a radius on a stamping we make for our clutch shoes.

Trying to hold a variable speed rotary tool for 2 or 3 hours makes the flex shaft a must because it is easy to grip and it is so light. You wouldn’t buy a pair of gym shoes without the laces and I feel it is the same when you buy a hand tool that weighs 18 ounces and the head of the RotoFlex only weighs 3 ounces. You want to be comfortable when you work and only hold onto 3 ounces certain sums it up very quickly. The RotoFlex will be able to get you into tight spaces the hand-held tool will not.

I was so impressed with the RotoFlex that I will look into other tools they make because they did their homework in making this flex shaft more user enjoyable.

-Jim Donovan, Naperville, IL

Posted 02/15/17


Complete Satisfaction

"Complete satisfaction with the 1318 AccuDrillMate! The quality of the drill guide I purchased was exceeded only by the service I received when calling with my questions. I needed the drill guide for a specific application, but now realize how useful it can be for any number of jobs around my shop. Sometimes the simplest of ideas can be the most helpful. This guide is one of those. I was immediately impressed by the quality and workmanship of its construction when opening the package. All of this comes with a very reasonable price tag for an old retired guy like me. Therein lies the value of this most useful tool.

I would certainly recommend this product for any woodworker or do it yourself guy. The next time I need something I will go to the Milescraft website first and check it out. Milescraft has now become one of my go-to places to look when shopping for a woodworking tool.

Again, thank you Milescraft for all your help and for a wonderful product.

-Randall W. Pierce, Franklin, TN

Posted 02/14/17


Milescraft SandDevil

"After my acquisition and first use of the Milescraft SandDevil, I could not imagine, how I've been getting by, with the cookie cutter type of sanding block I own. First I have to take a standard sheet of sanding paper and cut it into quarters, then wrestle with 2 levers to fasten the sandpaper to the sanding block. Milescraft, in my opinion, is brilliant in taking a standard size sanding belt, which comes in several different grit levels, and developing a very versatile, and extremely easy to use sanding tool. This SandDevil has only 1 moving part, they describe as a "clever lever". A clever lever it is indeed. It takes a whole whopping 8-10 seconds to install the belt, and once it is installed on the tool, close the lever, automatic belt tension kicks in. Just go to work using one of the specific sides designed for a particular sanding area of the work piece. Sandpaper wearing out on one pad, no problem, just release the "clever lever" and spin the belt to a less used area, close the lever and keep on sanding.

In my way of thinking, Milescraft is a very innovative company, their products are top notch, and great service is only a phone call away. I often find myself wondering what new creation of tool or kit they may be working on at the moment.

-Fred, Northbrook, IL