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Posted 07/26/16

1304 Drill90PLUS Testimonial

Through the years we have had several 'one-shot' angle drill attachments and of course, they failed due to gear problems and the like. As they were cheap, no attempt was made to replace them with the same bad design. When I saw the Drill90 in Lowes, just before my son’s birthday, I knew I was looking at a quality, solid tool... and I wasn't wrong. He loved the Drill90, using it to run electric wiring through studs in his new addition. The tool is so solid, there is no looseness in the gearing at all and it handled the length of the flat bit that allowed him to get in close in corners and continue along the wall through other studs, just as it should. Then, disaster! As he was drilling through a stud, he hit a huge knot and in an instant the tool shattered into 2 pieces! He was devastated. I sent an email to the folks at Milescraft describing the problem and in less than a week they had sent him a new, 1304 Drill90PLUS tool that was the redesigned, improved model! What service and integrity! The folks at Milescraft think enough of their products to stand behind them 100%. I would not hesitate to recommend the Drill90PLUS drill attachment to anyone needing a quality unit that will last for many years of service.