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Posted 09/29/16

1309/1359 DowelJig Kit Testimonial

I like to think, I am an organized person, but like a lot of other people when I go to start on a project, I find myself spending way to much time gathering up all that I need to do the job with. I am, also guilty of not always putting things back where they belong, so add a bit of frustration into the mix. Now, along comes Milescraft to show me what some design ingenuity and a bit of imagination mixed with common sense can achieve. A complete wood dowel kit, with every single item, one needs to install 3 different size dowels. They even threw in a handle on the case to carry it with. I was thrilled to open it up for the first time and see the logic behind such an all-inclusive product, and I realized once again, that I am not that organized. You should really take a peek at the Milescraft #1309/1359 DowelJig Kit. A kit like this, (using dowels) really makes a project look finished off in a quality fashion, no screws or nails showing. I believe, I will stick with dowels for my future projects. Since getting this kit, I must have used 65 dowels with professional looking results. Oh, by the way, I now know why Milescraft uses the slogan "Always the better Idea".

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