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Posted 11/06/17

5-Star Products and Service

I have purchased two Milescraft products:

The Pantograph is great! Good quality, and with some practice, it works very well. It was easy to set up. I have made several letter signs at my garage hobby shop bench and each sign looks better. I have set the bit at 1/16th" and 1/8" depth. I have also used three different bits. I've adjusted for different size lettering. All works fine; but, I've learned practice is important to get happy results with bragging rights! Important - watch the Milescraft videos carefully! No issues with this Pantograph. It is a 5-star product.

The SignPro I bought is also great! Good quality. You will need to figure out how to store the letters/numbers for quick and easy access. I used an old gray cash box for a storage box for the letters, and with a couple of 1/4" plywood dividers, it works really well. Important - watch the Milescraft videos carefully. They are very helpful. It is a 5-star product.

The best part of these two products is the outstanding customer service! I had a few questions I directed to Milescraft and the service was above and beyond. Jessica Randall handled my Milescraft questions with interest, a professional attitude, and is a pleasure to work with. She is a product use expert and was an immediate help with my product use questions.

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