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Posted 10/03/17

Up Close with the Milescraft 1318 DrillMate

I’ve been using the Milescraft AccuDrillMate 1318 for a few months now. Let’s dive right in so I can show you why I feel it’s a must-have tool in every woodworker's shop.

Like all things made by Milescraft, the AccuDrillMate is incredibly handy in the shop. One thing I can’t ever do is drill perfectly straight. That’s right, nod your head because you know you’re in the same boat and don’t even try to lie. Well, if I can’t drill straight then you know there’s no way I’m drilling at an angle with accuracy. The AccuDrillMate makes it so easy. The 2 knobs at the top of the unit will loosen allowing you to set the knobs at the bottom in one of the 4 indented angles: 45, 60, 75, and 90. There are small grooves that the knobs will fall into for each of those predetermined angles. Once there, you simply tighten the top knobs, clamp it down and you’re ready to drill. It’s as simple as that.

Like a drill press, the AccuDrillMate even has the ability to set a depth stop. On the rail opposite the spring, you’ll see a knob that you can loosen and slide up and down to set your desired depth. Once again, simply clamp it down and off to drilling you go with perfect consistency each time.

For me, the Milescraft really shows its’ value in the chuck. As a woodworker, my biggest pet peeve is a drill with a plastic chuck. The AccuDrillMate has a 3/8″ metal chuck. Bravo Milescraft for not falling into the cheap plastic chuck trap. For those who seem to lose their key chucks (yup that’s me), there’s a convenient place to store it in one of the rubber grommets.

Even with a drill attached, you can see it has good balance which is aided by the 4 non-slip feet on the bottom. Whether you’re right handed or left handed you can drill with your dominant hand while holding the bottom handle with your other for stability. You also have the option of clamping it to your surface to add even more stability.

Now let’s talk price. Let’s face it, price plays a factor for just about every person. At $34.99, it’s an incredible value. You get the functions of a drill minus the size and the price tag. If you’re someone who’s starting out and trying to maximize your tools on your budget then add this to your cart ASAP. If you’re an everyday woodworker I say the same thing. You can’t put a value on a well-made tool that’s portable, handy, and convenient. If you could, it would extend far beyond the AccuDrillMate’s price tag, you may not use this all the time, but those couple times a week I use it I’m so glad I have it. You get perfect professional results every time at an affordable price.

Visit Pete’s Blog for more information on the AccuDrillMate and to see the tool in use:

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