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Posted 02/15/17

Complete Satisfaction

Complete satisfaction with the 1318 AccuDrillMate! The quality of the drill guide I purchased was exceeded only by the service I received when calling with my questions. I needed the drill guide for a specific application, but now realize how useful it can be for any number of jobs around my shop. Sometimes the simplest of ideas can be the most helpful. This guide is one of those. I was immediately impressed by the quality and workmanship of its construction when opening the package. All of this comes with a very reasonable price tag for an old retired guy like me. Therein lies the value of this most useful tool.

I would certainly recommend this product for any woodworker or do it yourself guy. The next time I need something I will go to the Milescraft website first and check it out. Milescraft has now become one of my go-to places to look when shopping for a woodworking tool.

Again, thank you Milescraft for all your help and for a wonderful product.

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