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Posted 02/14/17

Milescraft Design/Inlay Kit

When I first saw the Design/Inlay Kit #1207, made by Milescraft, it brought a pleasant memory to mind. In the past, I had purchased the AccuDrillMate #1318 from Milescraft. I had a problem with a bearing in the head assembly. I called Milescraft and told my story to a pleasant woman in charge of customer service and sales support, who first apologized for the defective drill component, then in the next breath told me a new part is on the way. This was the first tool I bought from Milescraft, and the defect showed up right after I received it. After that pleasant and fast solution to my problem, I have never had a obstacle stopping me from purchasing a product, or tool from Milescraft. I found out early on, that Milescraft is all about quality products, and customer service.

As a result of buying this Design/Inlay Kit #1207 and learning how easy it is to use, I realized that, with this product, the only thing preventing someone from, creating a great design or inlay, is lack of imagination. Before retiring, I owned a service oriented company. I worked with all kinds of products and parts. I now know, that if this design/Inlay kit was around when I was in business, it may have been able to be used in making a company logo, or for new customer attraction, and also in aiding by design "customer loyalty". I can honestly say that Milescraft is a very innovative, service minded company that manufactures quality products and tools. In the past, I have been burned and disappointed by a clever ad, and a substandard manufacturer. For my woodworking hobby, I am totally confident, I have found the right source to make my purchases from, for the right reasons.
If in the unlikely event, there is another problem with a Milescraft product, I already know how they will respond. By the way, I have found this design/inlay kit to be a whole lot of fun to use and enjoy. (Check out the video). I would wholeheartedly recommend this product and this company to others.

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