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Posted 02/09/17

Milescraft Innovations

As an avid woodworker, I am always seeking vendors that carry supplies and products that I can count on. I often need specialty items and accessories that are not able to be found in a nearby store. I was introduced to the Milescraft brand through other woodworkers and I have ordered some products and put them all to use. I am very impressed by the quality of their products, selection, and innovations.

When you are managing multiple projects simultaneously in your shop, every little bit of time savings is a benefit. Milescraft carries products that are capable of delivering consistent results, speeding up production time, and getting the job done safely. I have personally used their Dowel Jig Kit on a large project and was very satisfied with how easy it was to use. In addition to the included instructions for the kit, Milescraft has a variety of tutorials and how-to videos at your disposal to assist you with some of their products.

In addition to my satisfaction with their products, their customer service team is very friendly and responsive. They were able to answer questions that I had about the products and get items shipped out to me fast! If you are somebody like me, who likes to have the right tools for the job, prides themselves on producing quality work, and likes to have positive interactions with a company they deal with frequently, I would strongly recommend you allow Milescraft to be your supplier for all things woodworking related.

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