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Posted 08/15/16

Milescraft Products

I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about my experience with Milescraft. When I first bought the circle making kit I was pretty new to woodworking. I found it quite easy to use for a beginner. It was great that there was an instructional DVDs with the kit. As I went along and learned about the other products they had to offer, I decided I needed to own them all. I bought the Design/Inlay Kit, the SignPro, the TriGrips, and also the DustCutter. All of their products are great! I had the base piece break on the inlay kit. I called and was connected with Jessica from the customer service department. I told her about the broken piece and she sent me a new one no questions asked. Later on I had a broken router bit. It was also replaced. Anyone thinking about buying Milescraft products I say do it!!! I feel I developed a relationship with Jessica even though we only talked on the phone. I love the Milescraft products!!! And also I want to mention the TriGrips are awesome for painting edges on a work piece.