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Posted 02/14/17

Milescraft SandDevil®

After my acquisition and first use of the Milescraft SandDevil, I could not imagine, how I've been getting by, with the cookie cutter type of sanding block I own. First I have to take a standard sheet of sanding paper and cut it into quarters, then wrestle with 2 levers to fasten the sandpaper to the sanding block. Milescraft, in my opinion, is brilliant in taking a standard size sanding belt, which comes in several different grit levels, and developing a very versatile, and extremely easy to use sanding tool. This SandDevil has only 1 moving part, they describe as a "clever lever". A clever lever it is indeed. It takes a whole whopping 8-10 seconds to install the belt, and once it is installed on the tool, close the lever, automatic belt tension kicks in. Just go to work using one of the specific sides designed for a particular sanding area of the work piece. Sandpaper wearing out on one pad, no problem, just release the "clever lever" and spin the belt to a less used area, close the lever and keep on sanding.

In my way of thinking, Milescraft is a very innovative company, their products are top notch, and great service is only a phone call away. I often find myself wondering what new creation of tool or kit they may be working on at the moment.

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