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Posted 12/30/14

Hot Products 2014 – Canadian Woodworking Magazine

Milescraft AngleFinder:

Find angles between two surfaces on inside and outside corners with ease. AngleFinder features an angle measurement readout, allowing you to set your angle once determined. The locking lever allows you to secure your angle in place while transferring it to your miter saw. The retractable edge guides allow you to transfer any set angle.

Why it’s Hot:

Are you looking for a tool that automatically divides inside and outside angles in half? Look no further the AngleFinder does all the work for you.


Milescraft DrillBlock:

With the Milescraft DrillBlock, you can accurately drill holes perpendicular to any surface in wood, through glass, metal, and tile. The vertical center lines on all four sides let you auto-center the DrillBlock on any flat surface. The non-slip TPE feet prevent slipping and marring while drilling.

Why it’s Hot:

The Milescraft DrillBlock allows you to drill straight holes every time on flat and round surfaces and on corners. DrillBlock combines solid metal steel with high-impact resin that dissipates heat for both hand and clamped drilling.


Milescraft PantographPRO:

The only Pantograph that comes mostly assembled right out of the box. This gives you a complete routing system including 3 router bits, 3 stylus tips, 2 stencil fonts and line drawings. All necessary hardware is included, all you need is your router and wood. Follow the design with your stylus and let the router do the work.

Why it’s Hot:

The Milescraft PantographPRO lets you expand your router’s capabilities with fingertip control. Quickly connect/disconnect your router to the TurnLock Base Plate. Anything you can print out, you can rout.

Milescraft 1221 PantographPRO

Milescraft CabinetMate:

Position and drill perfect shelf-pin holes every time with the CabinetMate. This jig allows you to accurately drill eleven holes, spaced 32mm apart, in one setting. The two indexing pins and spring loaded, the self-centering drill bit is contained in the closeable storage compartment. The custom spring-loaded-brad point drill bit allows the holes to self-center with the holes on the main body.

Why it’s Hot:

A stand-out feature of the CabinetMate is that it also allows you to mark the locations for Euro-style hinges. This can be used on cabinets before assembly or already assembled cabinets. Even novice woodworkers can install wobble-free shelves.

1316 CabinetMate

Milescraft JointPro:

The Milescraft JointPro is the only doweling jig that allows you to drill up to six holes in one setting. This tool is all steel constructed. The bushing blocks are not only interchangeable they are also reversible for best results with standard board thicknesses.

Why it’s Hot:

The Milescraft JointPro allows you to quickly and accurately create stronger joints than pocket hole or biscuit joining. JointPro is a self-clamping system, which allows consistent alignment of boards. No marking or measuring required.


Milescraft TriGrips:

Milescraft TriGrips have an innovative triangular design with TPE surfaces on three sides that give you more possibilities that any other work support. The cone shaped tip formed into one corner offers great support when painting.

Why it’s Hot:

The Milescraft 4-pc TriGrips elevate the workpiece allowing users to rout, sand, drill, carve and paint.


Canadian Woodworking Magazine – Hot Products 2014 Edition

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