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Posted 12/15/15

Hot Products 2015 – Canadian Woodworking Magazine

Milescraft AccuDrillMate:

The Milescraft AccuDrillMate™ is perfect for straight or angled drilling on the edge of a board or on round stock. Works with standard or masonry drill bits, forstner bits, spade bits and much more. All metal construction delivers control and accuracy. The guide base features self-centering channels on top and bottom and an angular readout from 90° to 45°.

Why it’s Hot:

The Milescraft AccuDrillMate™ is just the tool to provide you the precision and ease of drilling straight holes all of the time. You will get the precision of a drill press, with the ease of a hand drill.

Milescraft Drive90PLUS:

The Milescraft Drive90PLUS™ allows you to drive screws into tight spaces using your drill or impact driver. The new and improved design is compact and tough, making this the ideal right angle accessory. The gears are enhanced for durability and longer life. The magnetic ¼” hex socket accepts most standard hex accessories, such as bits, spade bits, and nut drivers.

Why it’s Hot:

Impact ready, with a compact ergonomic design; lets you access those hard to reach areas. Robust, yet lightweight construction confidently handles all your confined drilling needs. Easily drive over 800 screws!!

1303 Drive90PLUS

Milescraft FramingSquares:

The Milescraft FramingSquares™ are ideal in referencing measurements for many projects, such as shelf pins, parallel lines, hinges, etc. These FramingSquares™ come in both imperial and metric sizes. Imperial sizes available are 8”x12” and 11”x20”. Metric sizes available are 200mmx300mm and 280mmx500mm. Incorporated into the design, are 30°, 45°, and 60° quick angle finders, for easy marking.

Why it’s Hot:

Removable edge guide feature allows for easy, accurate measurement all the time. Has built in layout and marking holes for European concealed hinges. Multi-use product for a great value!

Canadian Woodworking Magazine – Hot Products 2015 Edition