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Posted 06/01/10

Tool School – Extreme How-To Magazine | June 2010

Milescraft 1407 D/T FeatherBoard:

Accessories for a table saw can make this workshop-favorite an easier tool to use. A feather board helps hold stock tightly against a rip fence, using the flexible “feathers” to prevent chatter while cutting and protecting against kickback. Milescraft offers a D/T FeatherBoard; the D/T stands for Dual/Tandem. This is comprised of two feather boards sandwiching a sturdy full-size spacer for supporting thick or vertically oriented stock for  cutting. Or, separate the D/T FeatherBoard into two feather boards for dual application, clamping the stock to the saw from both the side and from above. The D/T FeatherBoard comes with all the hardware necessary for dual or tandem use on most table saws, router tables, band saws and fences.

Milescraft D/T FeatherBoard

Milescraft 3402 PushStick w/DepthGauge:

Milescraft also manufactures the PushStick to keep the users fingers safely away from the table saw blade, while simultaneously exerting downward pressure on the work piece for stable, accurate rip cuts. The PushStick also includes a depth gauge with a magnetic docking station.

Milescraft PushStick w/DepthGauge

Milescraft 3401 BladeChanger:

Also available is the BladeChanger from Milescraft that holds the blade in place and has an open design so the user can view the blade while changing. Use the handle to keep a firm grip on the blade without damaging it – or your fingers – when replacing it with a different one.

Milescraft BladeChanger

Extreme How-To Magazine – June 2010 Issue

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