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Posted 10/11/10

Tool School – Extreme How-To Magazine | October 2010

Milescraft 1097 ToolStand:

For Dremel-style rotary tools, Milescraft manufacturers a handy ToolStand that configures the tool as a drill press for precision boring applications or “production-line” repetitive drilling. Clamp the tool into the ToolStand and lower the bit into the work piece using the spring-loaded rack and pinion gearing. The ToolStand includes a scale and a depth stop that enables the user to set the exact depth control for repetitive tasks. The ToolStand is built with a 6-by-6-inch metal base that mounts or clamps to a bench for steadfast stability and a level work surface. It fits most (but not all) Dremel-style rotary tools, including Dremel #300 and #400.

Extreme How-To Magazine – October 2010 Issue

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