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The Milescraft FeatherBoard has maximum holding pressure created by unique split rail construction. Pre-load tension design maintains consistent pressure across the face of the FeatherBoard. 5/8″ and 3/4″ metal miter bars fit all standard miter slots. Dual slide motion and S-style knobs provide quick, easy and proper installation and prevent over-tightening damage to components. High visibility yellow makes units easy to find in busy shops.

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The Milescraft Grabber is a multi-purpose push block for ripping or routing.  Ideal for use on router tables, table saw, jointers and even band saws. Safety is very important and you always want to keep your hands as far away from the cutting tool as possible. With an ergonomic, comfort grip handle, a diamond grip rubber bottom, and durable body, this tool provides maximum durability to safely control your work piece in all applications.

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The Milescraft PushStick has an extra tall PushStick handle that is tilted inward, away from blade or bit location.  Operator’s hand is automatically moved further from potential danger. The rear foot hooks over the back end of the material, providing a safer, more positive combination “push-pull” action. Bottom of the stick is covered in a soft, high-traction polymer coating that prevents PushStick from slipping and avoids scratching and marring the surface of pieces being cut. High visibility yellow for easy identification in a busy shop.

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 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to

1406 FeatherBoard Manual (pdf)

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  1. 5 out of 5

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    Just what I wanted for my table saw.

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    You should try this kit. Enhancing safety produces confidence, and confidence yields accuracy.

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    Thank you and congratulations, excellent products