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TriGrips Won’t Let Your Workpiece Slip!

Instant, Positive Lateral Stability on Almost Any Kind of Work Surface Without Clamps!


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When on their flat side, TriGrips holds a workpiece 1-3/16” above the bench top.  Full and easy access to the material’s edges allows users to rout, sand, drill, carve and paint without clamps and with assurance the work will not move. When set on edge, TriGrips raise the workpiece a full 3 inches above the bench.

The special foam impregnated non-slip skin holds any type of material in place, allowing users to route, sand, drill, carve and paint without clamps and with assurance the workpiece will not move.

In combination with the cone-shaped tip formed into one corner of the block, a set of 4 TriGrips offer a no-extra-cost alternative to single-duty painting supports. Self-adjusting, stabilizing internal ballast flows to the base of a unit set in the vertical position. TriGrips™ support larger work at its edges, narrower, longer work along its median or when grouped together form a concentrated center support.

TriGrips can also be used as support for non-work projects, such as beneath a computer keyboard.

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    4 TriGrips

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    1.12 lbs

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  1. 5 out of 5

    I have been debating between the TriGrips and other brands similar products and I am so glad I got these! I love this product so much. I love that the TriGrips can be used for multiple purposes, if it’s griping for sanding down your wooden projects or drying your project on the points when staining and coating your creations. They have nice grips on all sides for your preferred project setup. I am so thankful I got the TriGrips.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I have been using the TriGrips for a while now, they really grip and hold my projects in place, and the feature of the standoff on one of the three sides, makes it so easy to paint or stain my work. I believe, I can put my clamps away for now. Great product MilesCraft.

    Northbrook IL

  3. 5 out of 5

    I love these TriGrips! I was always sanding, painting, or staining my woodworking projects and the work piece would often slide around on my work surface, requiring me to clamp them down and work around the clamps. Well, that was until I got the TriGrips! These solve that problem. They hold the workpiece still while you are working and you don’t have to worry about annoying clamps. It’s even handy to use them underneath large projects so they don’t get bumped off a worktable. They were a workshop tool I didn’t know I needed until I had one, and now I’ll always use them and I’ll definitely be buying more! Thanks Milescraft!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Nobody likes sanding something and then have it vibrating all over your workbench. Problem solved with these Milescraft TriGrips . Just put one of these at each corner of your work piece and they will keep your work planted securely to your workbench. You can use them flat, on its side, or even use the molded tips on the one end. I have used these for multiple applications so far and I am convinced this is the most cost efficient and effective product on the market. I even love how it elevates your work off the surface enough to slide clamps under the piece you are working on for glue-ups. The possibilities are endless. I strongly suggest picking up a box or two, it will certainly make your life easier.

  5. 5 out of 5

    I prefer these over the Rockler bench cookies. These are thicker, feel better made, and the rubber seems way more durable. The rubber on my Rocklers have fallen off in under a yr. I have not used them in the tip position but for what I do, I probably won’t. I’d get these again without a second thought. Excellent quality!